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is Elaph Translation’s corporate social responsibility initiative targeting undergraduates in translation non-translation majors. Under this initiative, we provide a fully-paid scholarship for one hundred higher education students of languages and translation. Each quarter, twenty-five graduates enroll to receive 50-hour professional training on different aspects of translation. Tamayyaz training puts sharp focus on practicing translation in a real-life environment where learners get an insider’s perspective on the translation process as a whole.


 Tamayyaz Objectives

  • To provide an unparalleled opportunity for students to get prepared for the labor market in one of the world’s most growing industry;
  • To help students receive practical training and acquire new skills and knowledge;
  • To build the technical translation capabilities needed for a career as subject-matter expert [SME];
  • To qualify students to effectively deal with translation challenges; and
  • To contribute to solving the unemployment dilemma of our community.


Study Topics

  • Arabic grammar
  • English grammar
  • Arabic writing
  • English writing
  • Translator’s tools
  • Principles of legal translation
  • Principles of technical translation
  • Principles of Media translation


Application Process

  • Interested candidates apply online using our web-based application system;
  • Applicants undergo online testing to evaluate their language level (in both Arabic and English);
  • Applicants who pass the exam will be qualified to enroll in Tamayyaz;


Selection Criteria

  • Upon application closing date, an electronic system randomly selects 25 persons of qualified candidates;
  • Selected candidates are notified with the program start date;
  • Other qualified candidates not selected in the first run are automatically transferred to the next run;
  • Candidates who failed the exam are allowed to re-apply and take another chance to pass the test after six months.


Program Benefits

  • Upon program completion and successfully passing the final exam, trainees get an authorized certificate;
  • First five toppers of each run are eligible for employment at Elaph Translation.


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