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Application Receipt Confirmation:
Once you submit your application, you will instantly receive an e-mail confirmation to acknowledge successful receipt of application. Receipt confirmation shall be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the application.

In case you do not receive application receipt confirmation e-mail, please talk to your Program Advisor using the contact information shown on the program outline page.

Enrollment Notification :
Our admission team carefully studies your application and decides about your enrollment based on the information provided, rolling order and space-availability. You will then receive an Enrollment Notification. Also, your Program Advisor will follow up with you for further application processing, if any.

If you are applying for language course or Free initiatives ,you will take a test determine your level of language proficiency and you will get the result on the spot then our program advisor will contact you to complete the process.

There is no fee for applying.

for non-corporate trainees
Only upon the completion of your admission procedures you will be asked to pay a 20% reservations of your program fees against a payment receipt. Full payment is made not later than 7 days before the start of your selected programs.

Non-corporate learners, individuals or groups, can make their program fee payment in cash at Elaph translation premises or via Vodafone cash or Fawary.
For corporate
For corporate staff learners, an invoice shall be issued under the corporate name. Upon the receipt of invoice, corporate payment may be made in cash, by check or by bank wire transfer according to the agreed terms and conditions. for further information please contact your account manager.

Cancellations, Deferrals or Transfers:

Cancelation Deferrals Transfer
Reservations to 7 days Full refund excluding reservation Full payment transferred to deferred course Full payment will be transferred to the selected course

7-0 days 50% refund 30% deduction 10% deduction

After course start day 0% refund 50 % deduction 30% deduction

(*)Considering the fees of the alternative course, workshop, program

(*)Transfer to current courses is subject to space availability on selected course, workshop and program.

In case you wish to transfer your admission from one course or track to another, please talk to your program advisor for more information on applicable rules and policies.

Non-corporate learners, individuals or groups, can make their program fee payment in cash at Elaph translation premises or via Vodafone cash

Each program fee covers tuition, materials, certificate and applicable taxes. No payment is due before you are accepted into any Elaph translation workshop, course or diploma program.

We do not offer a discount for bookings for two people / courses but we do offer regular discounts on our courses throughout the year. Please see our Discounts page for current offers.

You have to pay a 20% reservations of your program fees against a payment receipt. Full payment is made not later than 7 days before the start of your selected programs.

Early birds, groups and corporate admissions will enjoy considerable discounts to be announced from time to time.

Being alumni of Elaph translation, you can consistently enhance your growth and benefit from our exclusive 20% discount on all language, translation and content programs. This is to provide development opportunities for our alumni to connect with us and recharge their personal and professional capacity.

You will be assisted with our friendly staff in all possible ways for your convenience

According to the course selected, your instructor will speak to you in the language that suits the course specification.

Your instructors will give you approximately one hour’s worth of formal homework per week but we would recommend you do ten minutes per day of self-study in order to assimilate and retain the information you are learning.

We recommend that you tell your instructors and Elaph program advisor as soon as you know that you are going to miss a class. Your instructors can then email you with an outline of what was covered in the class you missed, along with any homework set and what part of the manual was used. In the interests of course continuity, please note you will not be able to take an alternative lesson with another class at the center.

If your instructor did not make it during the course we will organize substitute instructor to take your lesson. If no substitute instructor is available, we will either reschedule the lesson to take place on a different day or give you a refund for the class (depending on the circumstances).

To ensure optimal course quality and enjoyment, our maximum class size is 12 students per class.

Note: Elaph translation cannot offer any lessons on a trial basis.

If you are unsure where to start or progress to, you can contact your program adviser or you can read our course overview for guidance.

You simply need a pen, notepad other equipment will be provided at our premises.

You will be asked to take specific test according to your course specification; otherwise, you will receive your participation certificate with no required tests.

You can have one-on-one discussions with the instructor about your individual projects or concerns while attending one of our programs, In addition your instructor will be available during breaks to answer all of your questions.

A laptop is not required for our workshops courses or diplomas, Elaph premises are fully equipped with latest technology needed for your assistance.

Please refer to the program adviser.

Our ‘Can Do’ Statements provide a guide as to what you can expect to achieve at each level and also show what progress you can expect to make if you stick with it and carry on studying subsequent levels. These are guides only and other factors will affect your rate of progress, e.g. your prior language skills and base level, how proficient you are at picking up new languages, your level of participation in class and revision (and homework) outside of class. It will partially also depend on how difficult (or dissimilar) the language you are learning is (from your native language).

A large number of our courses are full; therefore, if you fail to inform us that you cannot attend a course, you will be charged the entire course fee.

Our flexible rescheduling policy allows you to transfer your enrollment to other courses at any time without penalty as long as you let us know (15

Business days) before the courses begins

At the end of your workshop, you will receive a certificate of participation, sent to you by email or you can receive it at the premises.