Enrollment Benefits


Enrollment Benefits

To support our community, facilitate pursuit of development and encourage learners to constantly seek personal and professional growth, Elaph Tranining provides multi-level enrollment benefits.

Alumni Benefits

  • Employment Opportunities
    Our alumni are eligible for employment in any job openings we announce from time to time. Also, we support our alumni getting employed in any of our group of sister companies.
  • Career Advice
    We constantly support our alumni through their career path. Our advisory professionals provide effective career advice that will help you excel in your journey and seize opportunities for career development.

Group Enrollment Benefits

  • Discounts
    If you have a group of 5 learners applying to the same language, translation or content program, the group will be eligible to an exclusive 15% discount.
  • Flexible Timetables
    Group applicants may enjoy flexible learning timetables that best fit within their schedules. Talk to our customer service to discuss your preferred class timetables.

Corporate Enrollment Benefits

  • Custom-Made Programs
    Our training professionals give corporate clients full support in the process of situation analysis, human capital development schemes and training needs assessment. Based on the needs analysis, we provide customized learning programs tailored to your exact corporate needs and objectives. Start now and talk to our Corporate Relations Officer.
  • Discounts
    Based on your needs, our corporate clients may receive considerable discount schemes to fit within corporate training budgets. Discuss your team’s training needs with our Corporate Relations Officer, reach the best deal and boost your corporate human capital.
  • Flexible Timetables
    Corporate enrollment may enjoy flexible learning timetables adequate to your staff’s tight schedules. Talk to your Program Advisor to discuss your preferred training timetables.