Eligibility Criteria

Based on the nature of your selected course of study, a practice workshop, course, or diploma program, eligibility requirements may apply as follows.

Language Track Programs

Each learning program of our Language Track requires passing a placement test to determine your level of language proficiency in grammar, comprehension, composition, etc. The result of your placement test will determine your enrollment level.

Translation Track Programs

When you are applying for a translation diploma program,You will take an online Arabic and English test. The result of your language proficiency test will determine whether you can enroll in your desired translation course of study or you will need pre-qualification in both or either language.

Content Track Programs

Based on your preferred language of study and learning objective, you will be eligible for your selected course after taking a language test, with emphasis on your writing skills. The result of your language proficiency test and writing skills measurement will determine whether you can enroll in your desired program of study or you will need pre-qualification in language.
In case a pre-qualification is needed, you may choose either to apply for the appropriate level in our Language Track programs or to take the pre-qualification elsewhere and then submit your language study certificate and re-take our language proficiency test.


Our enrollment process is supported by all means to get you enrolled so easily, quickly and with comfort. To start your application process, view our Programs to select your desired course of study. On each program outline page, click Book Now or connect with our customer service for more information.

Complete Your Application Form

For easy and quick application processing, please read your application carefully and provided all required information. Application fields marked with (*) are mandatory and your application will not be processed if any such information is missing.

Application Receipt Confirmation

Once you submit your application, you will instantly receive an e-mail confirmation to acknowledge successful receipt of application. Receipt confirmation shall be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the application.
In case you do not receive application receipt confirmation e-mail, please talk to your Program Advisor using the contact information shown on the program outline page.



Only upon the completion of your admission procedures you will be asked to pay your program fees against a payment receipt. Full payment is made not later than 30 calendar days for corporate trainees and for non-corporate trainees a 50% down payment should be payed 10 calendar days prior to the program selected start date.
Non-corporate learners, individuals or groups, can make their program fee payment in cash at Elaph Training premises. For corporate staff learners, an invoice shall be issued under the corporate name. Upon the receipt of invoice, corporate payment may be made in cash, by corporate check or by bank wire transfer.

Cancellations, Deferrals or Transfers:

To receive full refund for enrollment cancellation or deferral, you will have to submit a written request at least 10 days prior to the program start date. Considering our program demand and condensation of pre-program administration processes, the following rules apply:

  • Please submit cancellation requests no later than 5 calendar days before the starting date of the scheduled course if you wish to receive a 50% refund of paid down payment registration fees.
  • No-shows and cancellations not made within the specified 5 day cancellation period will lose the full down payment of their registration.

  • Deferrals received 7 days before the program start date are subject to payment of 25% of the program fees.

  • In case you wish to transfer your admission from one course or track to another, please talk to our customer service for more information on applicable rules and policies.