Objective-Driven Curriculum

At Elpah Training, every single piece of curriculum is designed by our team of experts to curb the gap between theoretical education and the actual needs of the labor market.


Classroom Engagement

It is well-established that the more learners are involved in classroom activities the more efficient is their professional practice of what they learned.



Thought-provoking, intellectually-active and conducive to participant-centered learning are just sample characteristics of the learning environment at Elaph Training.


Our Story

Elaph Training has been established with the vision to grow into a holistic Arab LTC industry service academy aiming to leverage the Arab human capital through augmenting the technical capabilities, career management and business growth techniques in the region.
Each workshop, course or diploma program we offer delivers the exact features and aids you really need to convert your performance, better manage your current function, and boost your technical competences to the next level. Your aggregate learning experience with Elaph Training will help you reinvent the usual ways you practice your profession, and will introduce you to new modes of thinking. Upon their completion of training, our program participants will go back to their business capitalizing on the know-hows they acquired to engage in:

  • Reinvigorating the business ecosystem of their organizations;
  • Introducing novel operations’ models to efficiently run their organizations’ day-to-day activities.
  • Boost their organizations’ competitive edge/ advantage in the marketplace.

Our Training Approach

Training approaches are as important as the training materials content. At Elaph, we adopt the 20/80 experiential approach where theorization forms only 20% and practice is 80% of your learning experience to underline factual or replicated business cases in which the trainees will sooner or later operate. With dynamic class setting and peer-to-peer discussion you get engaged in simulations of real-life language, translation or content situations.

Our professors and instructor are technical experts, therefore, you will get an insider’s insights and acumen that will help build your technical capabilities and enhance your self-confidence. You will learn new techniques to manage your day-to-day functional challenges. Overall, the interactive texture of your learning experience with Elaph Training is designed to maximize your ROI in the classroom and beyond.

Culture & Values

At Elaph Training we adopt a corporate culture and set of values to reflect our mission and shape the principles to achieve our vision. Following is our set of values that dictate our behavior and course of action, guide our organization’s internal conduct and govern our relationship with all stakeholders including, learners, faculty, colleagues, clients, vendors/suppliers and community at large:

  • Accountability : We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, services products, decisions, and policies. This is applicable to individual accountability of each of our team members as well as to the company as a whole.
  • Balance : We are usually keen to take a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance for all our team members.
  • Commitment : We, at all times, remain committed to delivering great products, services, and other initiatives and projects that positively impact lives within and outside our organization.
  • Community : Corporate social responsibility forms a key feature of our organization, contributing to the welfare of our domestic environment and developing value to global community at large.
  • Confidentiality : Considering the nature of our lines of business, we, at all times, are strictly committed to confidentiality and non-disclosure of whatever proprietary information that come through our line from any and all parties.
  • Diversity : We pay all due respect to diversity of thought, ethnicity, religion and gender among all other aspects of diversity.
  • Empowerment : Our people are our real asset and we are committed to all what it takes to encourage each team member to take initiative(s) and give the best, as well as to adopt an error-embracing environment to empower colleagues to lead and make decisions.
  • Innovation : We exert non-stop effort to develop new creative ideas and take innovative approaches with a potential to impact our stakeholders.
  • Integrity : For us, honesty and honor accept no compromise for whatever reason.
  • Safety : We take all measurements to ensure the health and safety of our people (staff, faculty and learners) and even go beyond the legal requirements to provide a healthy and safe workplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Elaph Training, we strongly believe in the vital role corporate social responsibility [CSR] plays in community development. At Elaph Training, we realize how the role played by language experts, translators and interpreters, and content writers and developers is essential to the cultural exchange, global peaceful dialogue and knowledge dissemination.
Capitalizing on such firm conviction, Elaph Training has declared 2018 the Year of Corporate Social Responsibility. Proactively, we designed, publicized and kicked off a series of CSR training and employment initiatives to empower diverse categories of learners in their pursuit of personal development and career growth.
Our CSR initiatives aim to leverage the Arab LTC ecosystem by empowering the LTC specialists. We help the target audience of our initiatives to build their technical capabilities, acquire practical know-how as well as industry facts and, above all, become eligible for professional employment.
To date, we developed Maris (Arabic word for practice) for fresh university graduates of translation , Tamayazz (Arabic word for excel) for undergraduates of language and translation major, and Shift Masarak (Arabic word for shift your career path). We also announced our decent employment opportunities exclusively for the People of determination [special needs].

Mission And Vision

To provide world-class learning experience for Arab language, translation and content learners to help individuals and organizations build robust technical capabilities to drive the regional LTC industry and enhance community sustainable development.

To be a regional leader in language, translation and content training by 2020, with sustainable business development and ever-maximized return on investment [ROI] to our investors and maintained success and satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Objective-Driven Curriculum

At Elaph Training, every single piece of curriculum is designed by our team of experts to curb the gap between theoretical education and the actual needs of the labor market. Academic professors and professional experts, worked for years, hard to align track specific theories with technical capabilities needed to enhance trainees’ actual field performance. Curriculum development in each track of study is guided by a steering committee of specialized professors and experts with proven track record.

Simple, practical and straightforward are just few characteristics of our programs in all three tracks of training: language, translation and content. Supported by Elaph expertise in LTC for a full decade, our interactive teaching methodologies are provided in the form of custom made curriculum, tailored to fit each trainee’s individual needs.

Classroom Engagement

It is well-established that the more learners are involved in classroom activities the more efficient is their professional practice of what they learned. Therefore, we are constantly keen to get learners of all ages strongly engaged during instruction. Our faculty of professors and instructors adopt and apply effective classroom engagement strategies and student-centered approaches of instruction. This contributes a great deal to increase learner engagement, achieve each program’s learning objectives and make students even passionate about learning in general.

Every single training workshop, course or learning activity is well-structured to ensure highest level of interaction between learners and instructors. Lectures, learning simulations, small group discussions are just sample Elaph Training tools to foster collaboration among classroom participants. The learning experience we provide is carefully designed to encourage your effective engagement in the classroom and beyond in your general life and professional environment.


Thought-provoking, intellectually-active and conducive to participant-centered learning are just sample characteristics of the learning environment at Elaph Training. We constantly upgrade and enhance Elaph Training’s learning environment to ensure our learners get the best of their learning experience. Besides our promised mix of features, at Elaph Training we provide all what it takes to create a highly effective learning environment. At Elaph Training:

  • learners are highly encouraged to be curious and ask questions;
  • questions are highly weighted over answers;
  • ideas for engagement are inspired by diverse sources to enrich the experience;
  • various sets of learning models apply;
  • classroom environment turns into a connected community;
  • learning is personalized by different sets of standards;
  • assessment is transparent, authentic and constant;
  • success is measured by balanced criteria;
  • practice and interaction represent the black horse of learning; and
  • Traditional and innovative learning habits are constantly modeled.

A Word from The Founders

Today’s global language, translation and content [LTC] industry is transforming into an enormous marketplace, with ever-increasing demand for industry experts like translators, interpreters, copywriters, content designers and developers, desktop-publishing specialists and, essentially, the bilingual or multilingual business connoisseurs.

The Arab world is not an exception to the phenomenon; knowing that our region has always been the driver for significant global-change events. However, the Arab LTC industry infrastructure is presently too fragile to cater for the emergent global and regional demand for LTC experts. Reports from renowned organizations highlight a widespread market gap between supply and demand, ultimately due to the gap between the labor market requirements and the didactic paradigms.

Hence, there stands a dire need for proficient industry-driven training service that would comply with the international standards to leverage the region’s human capital into a mainspring for the region’s sustainable development. This is typically the mission of Elaph’s decision to vertically expand its market-reach into the LTC training business. Having a recognized position as excellent provider in the regional translation and content service market for more than 10 years, we could simply analyze the negative bearings the lack of competent translators, editors and writers have triggered.

In response, and after foresightful planning and consultations with leading advisors, we initiated and founded Elaph Training to become the region’s most uniquely-positioned and industry-driven training academy. Our strategic goal is to help the Arab individuals and corporations to build their topnotch LTC competences so as to unravel their prospects of development and growth.

Whether you are in the LTC business and seek out the advancement of your existing human capital, a freelance professional in pursuit of better career performance, a venture capitalist exploring the LTC industry with investment appetite, a regional or global organization having interest in the MENA LTC industry, I trust we are well prepared to pool resources for our mutual success in a challenging environment.

Elaph Training | Founders